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  • Information Systems Management, management of local and international teams,

  • IT budget Management  (CAPEX - OPEX), choice of applications and technical tools,

  • International and local project management, 

  • creation of local or international partnerships in order to support the IT strategy defined and implemented with all the trades and divisions of the company.

Digital Consulting
  • Twenty years at the heart of the first global communications group,

  • also a leader in France in publishing software designed for communications and media agencies,

  • eight years in IT consulting in various sectors (food industry, services, industry, communication, distribution ...)


With a strong network of contacts, the proposed partnerships can cover all of the organizational, structural and strategic components of the company.

Digital Production
  • Implementation of nearshore/offshore partnerships with international technology providers.

  • Creation, deployment and management of regional and local teams dedicated to the operational support of digital Backoffice / Frontoffice and marketing strategies.

  • Optimization of the company's media positioning strategies through the development and deployment of online solutions (mobiles, internet and social networks), investment strategies and media space purchases. Design and technical development of online solutions.

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